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  1. Product: Red LED Indicator
  2. Voltage: 48-72V
  3. Color: Red
  4. Cable length: 20CM
  5. Led Size: 5mm

An indicator light is mainly used on the circuit or mechanical equipment to monitor and alarm the operation status of the equipment. also LEDs are commonly used for indicator lights (such as power on/off lights) on electronic devices. They also have several other applications, including electronic signs, clock displays, and flashlights

Compared with conventional light sources that first convert electrical energy into heat, and then into light, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) convert electrical energy directly into the light, delivering efficient light generation with little-wasted electricity.

LED, in full light-emitting diode, in electronics, a semiconductor device that emits infrared or visible light when charged with an electric current.


Product: Red LED Indicator

Voltage: 48-72V

Color: Red

Cable length: 20CM

Led Size: 5mm

Light weight

Easy to install in your projects

Packages Includes: 

1 x 48-72V 5MM Red LED Indicator Light with 20CMCable (Pack of 5)


Shipping Weight0.007 kg

Shipping Dimensions5 × 5 × 2 cm

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